Dental Handpiece Repair - Summit Handpiece Express

When it comes to maintaining the quality of your dental handpiece, it’s important to know all of the tips and tricks to keep it running correctly. However, when it does break down, it may not be necessary to completely replace your dental handpiece. Replacing the entire tool each time it breaks down can be costly and can be a waste of materials. Your technicians at Summit Handpiece Express in Eastlake, CO, can help you determine if the turbine in your dental handpiece can be repaired and can help you be cost-efficient and sustainable.

Can Your Dental Handpiece Be Repaired?

Often, when a dental handpiece breaks down, it’s because the turbine inside is damaged and needs repairing. The technicians at Summit Handpiece Express can examine your dental handpiece and figure out what the cause of the malfunction is. If possible, they can rebuild your turbine and not only save you money in the long run but also help extend the life of your handpiece and keep your equipment in the best working order possible! If the turbine is damaged beyond repair, they may suggest replacing it as the best option.

You can also choose to have your steel bearings replaced with ceramic bearings, which will help extend the life of your handpiece and they are lighter and harder than steel, making your handpiece more efficient and easier to use.

Not only will your dental handpiece be repaired with the best materials possible, but the technicians will also clean out each part of the handpiece and calibrate it so that it can continue running good as new!

Be sure you review all of your options by finding out if repairing your dental handpiece is the best choice for you! Contact Summit Handpiece Express in Eastlake, CO, at (303) 255-0101 or (887) 342-0101 to learn more about repairing your dental handpiece today!