Turbine Repair - Summit Handpiece Express

If you’ve been having issues with your dental handpiece and it has recently broken down, this may be a sign of an issue with the turbine. Instead of replacing the entire handpiece, it may be possible to rebuild the turbine and get your handpiece working as well as new! At Summit Handpiece Express in Eastlake, CO, you can ship your handpiece in, and depending on the damage, you may be able to get your turbine replaced and get your handpiece working once again!

Repairing Your Turbine

Instead of replacing your entire handpiece each time it breaks down, it may be more cost-efficient and economical to instead repair the turbine. Often, the turbine may be old and worn down, which can cause your handpiece to not function as well as it should. Your technicians will be able to examine the handpiece and turbine and rebuild it so that it is practically new. If a turbine is extremely worn out and beyond repair, then they may recommend that you get the turbine completely replaced.

Issues with the turbine are often caused by worn-out bearings that cause further issues. The bearings will get replaced with ones that are up to standards and any other worn-down components will be replaced, ensuring that your turbine is working at the maximum level of functionality. This helps extend the life of your handpiece, giving you a reliable piece of equipment that you can depend on for years to come. Turbine repair also comes with a satisfaction guarantee and will be calibrated to function as needed!

Don’t just replace your handpiece anytime there’s an issue with it. Find out if your turbine needs to be rebuilt today! Call Summit Handpiece Express in Eastlake, CO, at (303) 255-0101 or (887) 342-0101 to learn more about shipping your handpiece and turbine for repair today!